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We know that trying to find a local heating or air conditioning contractor near you can be a stressful time for homeowners and business owners.  If you think your system needs to be serviced or even replaced we would love to educate you about how to make the best decision on replacing or repairing your heating and cooling systems.

Regrettably we see many heating and cooling systems that are not installed correctly and as a result homeowners and business owners experience problems that affect their comfort, safety and overall lifetime expenses of their systems.  We start by listening to you about your needs.  Our techs are experienced and trained by us on how to treat people.  We diagnose problems so that you receive common sense options to fix or replace your current heating and cooling equipment.  

The Groom’s tradition is to treat all of our customers like family.  We train our techs on the different versions of heating and cooling systems that are currently in service.  We also spend time training on the many brands of units that we have encountered over the years.  We have learned through experience which brands perform the best and which ones will deliver your family the most efficient, safe and reliable service for many years to come.  If replacement units are the most economical answer we will recommend the brands that we install for our friends and family.

One situation we see too often is a home or business that has the wrong size unit for the building’s square footage and construction specifics.  Either too small a heating and cooling system because the heating and cooling contractor wanted to be the lowest bid.  This results in units run continuously and the homeowners often don’t get comfortable in their homes.  We also see cases where a local heating and cooling contractor sells and installs heating and cooling systems that are too large creating a system that cycles off and on too often resulting in higher utility bills for the customer.

You Groom’s tech will recommend a heating and cooling system to meet your specific size and capacity needs.  If a new furnace or air conditioning system is the best solution for you we will make sure it is the appropriate size and brand, you have our word on that.  Our mission is to become your trusted heating and cooling contractor for life.



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