Air Purification

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PREMIERone Millenium MUV403H-16/5

H.V.A.C. Germicidal & Activated Oxygen UV Air Purifier

  • Controls two-thirds of all in house contaminants that are known to cause health problems.
  • Controls bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold spores, and allergens with Ultra Violet Germicidal bulb.
  • Second lamp oxidizes gases and removes odors.


  • Controls the final third of all in house contaminants.
  • Pre-filter is used to filter out the larger particles.
  • Second filter, made of charcoal, is used to absorb odors created by everyday living.
  • Final filter, a 99.97 efficient HEPA, is used to filter particles down to 0.01 microns.
  • Meets the HEPA specifications set by the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

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