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At Groom’s we know that you depend on your appliances for everyday living. Some people look at appliances as throw-away items at the first sign of trouble. We believe that your appliances may just need a little fix instead of total replacement. Our customers love that we are still one of the few appliance repair contractors left in the Kansas City area.


French Door, Side-by-Side, Bottom Freezer, Top Freezer, Integrated TV, Energy Star Models.

Washers and Dryers

Washers, Dryers, Washer/Dryer Combos, Energy Star Models

Cooking Appliances

Electric Ranges, Over the Range Microwaves, Countertop Microwaves, Energy Star Models


Semi-Integrated, Fully Integrated, Energy Star Models

Groom’s has built its reputation as an honest, dependable appliance repair contractor by being respectful of your time and family budget. We realize that loading a major appliance into the family truckster is not always possible. That is why we come to you to diagnose the issue right in your home. We provide high quality service and short response times in the Kansas City area.

Oftentimes the parts you need are right on our Groom’s service vehicle so we are in and out with a quick appliance repair.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

We love your refrigerators and freezers.  That’s where all the good stuff is for the entire family.  And the good stuff needs to remain cool to stay good stuff.  We know that when your refrigerator goes out you are on a short clock to get it fixed.  Groom’s provides the most prompt and professional refrigerator repair services in the Kansas City area.

Our technicians have worked on refrigerators for years and they know why most refrigerators are acting up. Modern refrigerators have evolved to be like our children. Very tech savvy and expensive. Groom’s try to find an economical way to repair your beloved refrigerator so you are not forced to buy a new expensive one.

Washer and Dryer Repair

Our Groom’s technicians always show up to your home in clean uniforms. And they know that you can’t keep your families looking good with dirty clothes. If your washer or dryer break down you need help now. We’re on it! Our techs are trained to repair your residential, commercial and industrial washers. Just give us a chance.

Regardless of your type of washer or dryer we probably have fixed them at one time or another. If you have a top loading, stackable or front loading washer or dryer Groom’s is happy to check it out and try to save you money with a repair instead of a new purchase. Our technicians are trained on different brands and models and you will not have to worry about your washer type.

Some washer issues can be handled by the homeowner or business owner. However, problems like water leaks, agitator failure and drainage disasters always need the attention of trained professionals. Please remember that these are electrical appliances and can be dangerous. Please don’t take the repairs into your own hands and risk injury or worse.

Kitchen Oven and Range Repair

Our kitchens have become family and friends gathering places. It is where we slow down and spend time with the people we love. But what if you have a cranky oven or stove? That can ruin the entire experience. Let a Groom’s trained technician insure that your range and oven won’t let you down at the absolute worst moment. At the first sign of trouble reach out to us so we can come to the rescue.

Ovens and ranges have gotten crazy-expensive to buy new. Before you go to the big box store and sign your life away consider your oven and range repair options. We often find very affordable fixes for ovens and ranges and save our loyal customers big money every day. Sure, a shiny new oven or range feels good. But what else could you do for your family with that money when a simple repair is so affordable?

Plus… you know your range and oven. Maybe all it needs is a repair to keep your relationship going? If you get a new one you will have to learn how it works, cooks, ruin some meals in the process, get rid of the old one and maybe regret that you didn’t give the old one another chance.  

Our techs are trained on all brands and styles of ranges and ovens. Check us out before you give up on your current oven and range and see if you can smell what your Groom’s tech has got cooking.

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